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Fun English 6

Happy Teachers' Day Contest 2020

"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and, touches the heart."

Happy Teachers' Day to all the awesome and dedicated teachers out there!

For this Teachers' Day, we are calling out to all of you to send in your entries on your favorite teacher. This video below will give you an idea of what we are going to do on this very special episode of Fun English. Let's check it out!

We want you to share/write a story or a letter (about 250 words) with pictures (if available) and leave your message for all your teachers, who played a significant role in your life and molded you to the person you are today.

Here are some clues for you to write your entries:

1. Where you met him/her and What subject s/he taught.

2. What this teacher looks like.

3. What this teacher helped you to learn.

And explain why this teacher is your favorite and influenced you in your education.

Write your entries on the comment place below this post. Let's send the best regards to your teachers!

Good luck! hihi


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Chúc các bạn sẽ giành cho mình giải thưởng hấp dẫn từ OLM nhé!

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Dưới đây là bài viết đạt GIẢI NHẤT của Nguyễn Thanh Thảo:

"There is a profession of chalk dust clinging to my hands. It is said that the job is the cleanest. There is a job that does not plant trees in the soil. Blooming for life with fragrant flowers". It is a noble teacher profession, a profession that has bestowed upon us teachers and aunts who are respectable. I have been studying with so many dedicated teachers, all of them left unforgettable impressions in my heart. But perhaps, the person I miss the most is the precious Van teacher. That was Ms. Nhung, who was both the homeroom teacher and taught me Literature in 6th grade. She had just graduated from a school for two years, so she was very young and beautiful. She is not too tall, but her figure is neat and pretty. Her chestnut-colored shoulder-length hair accentuated her rosy-white skin. Her dark black eyes and a warm smile, extremely graceful crooked teeth accentuated her smile. As a teacher, she is not too fussy with clothes, every day when she comes to the class she wears knee-length dresses and elegant shirts. On the first days of the week, she wore a purple ao dai, which looked very gentle and feminine. Looking at her wearing ao dai in class, we all admired her beauty. During the extracurricular activities, she chose for herself a T-shirt and active jeans. Therefore, everyone commented that she is very delicate in the way of dressing. Each teaching period always contains many interesting things. From being a very annoyed child with Literature, I became excited and always waited for her lessons. She is the one who instilled her passion for studying Literature. Looking at the way of teaching, communicating in each verse, story, I feel her youthfulness and enthusiasm. She always told the class: "Literature is anthropology. Each essay always contains values ​​and lessons in life". With her colleagues, she is very sociable and helps everyone, her friendliness makes the teachers in the school are conquered and loved her more. A memory for you that I will never forget is the day of the first term of the year. After giving her gifts and praising her friends for the last semester, she called her up and gave her a gift. It was a brand-new outfit, now, puzzled and hesitant, I lowered my face, ma'am: - Yes, I can not contribute anything to the class and receive gifts? She smiled gently and patted her head and said: "- As a member of the class, everyone contributes to the group. I understand your thoughts very well now, but I believe you tried a lot last term. I know the difficulties your family is going through, but then if we know how to work hard, and everyone loves together, everything will be better than you". Then she continued: "- My son, she and the class collect and donate the New Year's Day clothes. The gift is small, but everyone's heart. And have fun and receive it, baby!" I am happy and touched to live in the love and warmth that everyone gives to me. Perhaps, throughout this life, the thoughts and feelings that I will never forget. I used to think that no one would love me like a parent or relative. But until I was in contact with the person she loved that I realized the love comes from the simple things around us, the people close to me. Dear Miss Nhung! To you, you are the best aunt in your life. I hope that one day I will see her again, to tell her a word: "I always miss you".

Dưới đây là bài viết đạt GIẢI NHÌ của Lương Thị Lu:

Anyone who has a childhood, a long life, wherever we go, the game will follow us forever. Although I have grown up, I am still flustered by the color of the phoenix. The game of age and pupils, the countryside we lived in, was the golden sunshine, the night sparkling with stars, the clear laughter in the flavor of the rice at the beginning of the season .... Everyone recalls a time like that, an innocence in infinity. And in each person, there are always memories, there are happy memories we want to remember forever but also sad memories that we want to forget. Confronted with me, the memory that makes me want to remember forever is student time. With each passing year, I have more teachers, whom she keeps in my heart and this year too. In just a few months, my teacher left a deep impression on me. From a poor country to a city to study, I found everything strange, strange teachers, strange friends, ... very shy, afraid. From the beginning of the class, she left an impression on me. She has a gentle face, a slim figure, and a gentle voice.  "Hi everyone, I'm your homeroom teacher". She will be very happy if you see her as a friend, sharing with her all difficulties in learning as well as in life. Then she went from table to table, asking students one by one. I have been watching her since she entered the classroom, suddenly feeling nervous as she stepped closer and inquired about my family. I answer her, my voice mumbling with shyness. Suddenly, she patted my head and smiled. She is a very dedicated person, giving thoughtful explanations to students. When she gave a lecture, her warm, inspiring voice drew us into the lesson. She explains, analyzes every smallest detail of the lesson, allowing students to feel the meaning of each detail and then develop into profound, meaningful words. Thanks to her lectures, we love our homeland, our country, and our people. Articles that previously did not read, now we find it new, how profound it is! People often say the Vietnamese period is a lullaby, but the strange thing is that when she lectured, we felt more interesting and meaningful. In the role of homeroom, she looks strict. When the class achieved achievements, she encouraged, rewarded, and each time the class made a mistake, she reminded and encouraged the class to try harder. She knew thoroughly the family situation of each of her classmates. For those who are poor at school, she actively participates in tutoring groups so that the classmates are better off to tutor for weak students ... The learning movement in the classroom has become vibrant. Even the individual students in the class also became interested in and studied hard. Just one day away from her, we were flustered to ask and how to go at the end of class to visit the sick teacher at home. My class has become a very united group and she is the "fairy" doing that miracle.

Dưới đây là bài viết đạt GIẢI BA của Nguyễn Việt Anh:

In the life of every human being, if parents are two births with meritorious service to nurture us from childhood to age, teachers also have great merit. Teachers and teachers are the ones who teach us to be literate, to know what is right in the world, and how to treat human beings. For students who still go to school like us, teachers are our second mothers and fathers. A Vietnamese proverb, ca dao Vietnam, we have many good sentences about teachers: "Dear teachers can be teachers" Or: "If you want children or words to love you" Indeed if we do not have teachers to teach us, we will not be literate. Teachers and teachers are the ones who have guided us along the path of education. From ignorance, we gradually know how to read, read, write, write, do the math, and know the endlessly rich knowledge of mankind. Teachers helped us to have the key to open the intellectual door of life. Teachers and teachers have nurtured our dreams, brought us to the peak of knowledge, for a beautiful future in future. People often say that the teachers are boatmen who take students across the river. Every school year ended, the teacher brought the students - the boats to dock. From one boat to another, teachers and teachers have given so many trips in their lives, many generations of students have been guided by teachers. The teacher's credit is so great. Everyone is sure everyone had time going to school. It was the most beautiful time, the lovely innocent time of the student's age: innocence, dreamy, carefree, shy and even mischievous, naughty, even disrespectful to the teacher ... She is the person who has changed our personalities, taught us what is wrong, what is right, and enthusiastically instructs us to become good and virtuous citizens, have the talent to serve the society and the country to come. Currently, I am a seventh-grade student, I am very proud to be a student at Binh My Secondary School. Because I have been able to study in a school with many excellent teachers and enthusiasm for students. Teachers are very sad when we study weak, make mistakes, and are very happy when we have good progress, good academic performance, and good morals. I really love the teachers who have taught us such as Co Nhi, Co Hang, Teacher Hong… especially my homeroom teacher, Co Nhi, who teaches English, who has a lot of love, sharing, and mentoring. My class during the past time. After being born, I no longer go to school, but I still remember forever about the school roof, about the teachers, about my dear memories, my father, my second mother with all my gratitude. Teacher: Oh two normal hours, how sacred. We are forever grateful for our teachers: those who are known as soul engineers. On the next day of November 20, we will try our best to study well to present the teachers with beautiful, ten-point flowers. That is an expression of our gratitude to the teachers. We will try our best to study hard so that we cannot help but support our teachers and teachers who have been able to teach us for many years.


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