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Part IV. Each sentence below contains an error. Underline it and write the correct answer in the space provided. (2.0 points)

1. I have learnt how swim since 2010.     -> how to 

2. She has worked for this bank since she leaves university.  -> left the university

3. What sweet voice you have!  -> How
4. I go to the school library to borrow books twice.  -> a week / a month .

5. Could you tell me the way to the post office? -> Can 

6. I received a letter to my friend last week.  -> from

7. I have gone to Singapore three times.  -> been 

8. My brother can't swim, so he is afraid of water. -> because

9. Don't eat too much salt because it is not good to you. -> for

10.- "Which is the most expensive city in the world?" - "I think it's Tokyo."    -> What

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